About us

Tierra Verde Naturaleza y Cultura, A. C.

Tierra Verde Naturaleza y Cultura, began with a biologists group and was established as a CSO in 2009. For nearly 10 years, has been working in sustainability through nature conservation and socializing ancestral knowledge

Our mission is to contribute to the conservation of Neotropical ecosystems and social welfare through the generation and sharing of knowledge, strengthening environmental culture, implementing productive projects from a permaculture approach and influencing public policy.

Our vision is to be integrated by an interdisciplinary team that contributes to the conservation of the natural heritage in the Neotropics preservation through projects, focused on regions of biological, environmental and cultural importance, involving the active participation of society organization.

Our work area is focused between Chiapas and Oaxaca states, mainly, in some of their Natural Protected Areas and nearby sections; as well as other unattended areas with environmental and cultural importance.

Why Chiapas and Oaxaca?

The importance of preservation in both places, Chiapas and Oaxaca, lays on both have the greatest biodiversity from the country, considering Mexico as number 11th in terms of bird’s biodiversity, the 5th on vascular plants and amphibians, the 3rd on mammalian and 2nd on reptiles.

Preserve water resource is also really important, Chiapas possesses around 33% of Mexico’s fresh water, even though the cultural and environmental richness, a big part of this had been lost. In the past 50 years more than 50% of the forest coverage was lost.

It is for that reason we do community work, to preserve our biggest richness.

Because recently in Chiapas have emerged other civil associations with very similar names to Tierra Verde Nature and Culture, AC, and to support and respect the efforts and work of our environmental promoters and the people who work with us so carefully, we find it important to clarify we are not associated with any political party. You can find the activities and projects we carry out on this website or on facebook.

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