Strategy: Biological and Socio-Environmental Research

This strategic line has the following priorities:

1) To generate scientific knowledge;

2) To preserve the traditional socio-environmental knowledge;

3) To promote citizen participation to generate scientific knowledge; and

4) To socialize of the generated scientific knowledge.

General objectives (which the Organization conducts from the third sector)

  • To conduct scientific research that contributes to management and conservation of biological diversity.
  • To contribute to the preservation of traditional socio-environmental knowledge.
  • To link science with decision-making (scientific knowledge and decision makers)
  • To enhance the role of the third sector (civil society organizations) to generate scientific knowledge.

Objectives of the strategic line:

  • To promote citizen science among civil society.
  • To generate scientific knowledge that contributes to the management of areas of high biological richness.
  • To generate scientific knowledge to contribute to the preservation of risk of extinction or endemic species.
  • To contribute to the preservation of traditional socio-environmental knowledge.

Lines of investigation:

  • Community Science
  • Ecology and wildlife preservation
  • Traditional socio-environmental knowledge.

Project: The Richness of Bats. Area:  Metzabok flora and fauna protection (God of thunder)

Del sotobosque al dosel de mi selva. Capacitación para el estudio de murciélagos en Naha, Selva Lacandona

From the undergrowth to  the canopy of my jungle. Training for the study of bats in Naha, Lacandon Jungle

Community bird monitoring at La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve

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