Strategy: Environmental Culture

This strategic priority aims:

1) To contribute to build a local and regional participatory environmental culture based on values.

2 ) To generate processes of socio-environmental transformation and

3) To generate a positive change within the people of the communities through the transmission of knowledge.

General objectives:

· To promote a positive change in people driving the development of skills of children, youth, adults and seniors.

· To link the issue of environmental education with decision-making to foster environment care (to work in groups with decision makers).

· To contribute to preserve the socio-environmental traditional knowledge.

Objectives of the strategic line:

· To work with values ​​and sensitize people of different ages in environmental issues through workshops and recreational-creative activities.

· To make people identify the problem through transformation processes, and to create an ownership view on them to be able to make responsible decisions regarding the environment.

· To create a harmonious ambient of work with the knowledge and tools provided, promoting the continuity of the processes of change inside and outside the community.


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