Strategy: Sustainable Community


This strategic line tend to make activities in communities from the permaculture, where its priorities are:

  1. Help people interest in to acquire short- term, medium- term, long-term knowledge and abilities pro-environment by developing a number of practices related to agro- ecological and organic techniques, recover ancestral knowledge, among others, making this tools helpful in increased their quality-of-life.
  2. Revalue the traditional wisdom that allows environmental care as well as satisfy basic needs.
  3. Foster responsible and appropriate use of the natural resources.

Main objectives

  1. Assist concerned population, to have habits that improve environment and quality-of-life.
  2. Improve human-nature relationship.

Strategic line objectives

  1. Work to raise environmental awareness, so any action can be done not only in human benefit.
  2. Get people involved in environmental care by working in their own locality.
  3. Recover the adequate knowledge, so environmental- friendly work can be done.
  4. Ensure people´s food through environmental care.
  5. Turn conventional technologies used into green tech.

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