Strategy: Sustainable Community


This strategy focuses on activities that promote an approach to the communities which apply permaculture and whose priorities are:

  • The formation of people interested in acquiring skills and knowledge to promote environmental stewardship in the short, medium and long terms, by developing a series of practices which involve agro-ecological and organic techniques; rescuing ancestral knowledge, among others. These tools will allow the improvement of their quality of life.

2) To revalue the environmental knowledge of farmers to enable both: the environmental care and the fulfillment of the basic needs of the families of these communities.
3) To promote the responsible and appropriate use of natural resources we use.
General objectives:

  • To generate habits in the population to improve the environment and their quality of life.
  • To contribute to strengthen  man-nature relationship.

Objectives of the strategic line:

  • To create a sense of respect for nature with which you can work for mutual benefit.
  • To engage people to take care of their environment by people of the same locality.
  • To rescue the skills which allow us to use natural resources available without threatening their existence.
  • To contribute to food security of families by taking care of ecosystems.
  •  To transform the use of conventional technologies to  sustainable use of eco-technologies.

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