Promoters of Environment


Our goal is to form groups of local leaders in Protected Natural Areas (PNA) so that they are able to contribute with sample workspaces to inspire the rest of the community to generate sites that promote sustainability for the conservation of natural resources and social welfare, becoming agents of change, able to make decisions based on commitment and responsibility.

Diapositiva41Groups can be made up of people of different ages: children, youth, adults and older adults. With children we work from environmental education, pointing out that in the future they will be the new actors of change, supported by the groups of adults.


The gardens will be built and worked by two groups of community environmental promoters, trained in bio-intensive farming workshops to use organic root growers, organic fertilizers, moon phases, pest control, among other topics.


After the training, environmental promoters replicate what they have learned, giving workshops and implementing them in their homes or crops. This project contributes to strengthen environmental promoters, as well as food security, by giving them the necessary supplies to build a community garden to ensure healthy and pesticide-free foods. Our aim is that, at the beginning, the participating families could use these tools for their subsistence, and, eventually, they could be able to produce vegetables for sale.

The Community Environmental Promoters project has been carried out for more than two years, in the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, thanks to funding from Banamex Ecological Development and the World Wildlife Foundation Alliance, through the El Triunfo Conservation Fund.

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